Monday, July 21, 2008

Highly Unlikely

Which of the following is the most unlikely?

1. Worldwide peace starting tomorrow

2. My university will complete all of its construction projects

3. I will drop my nascent sock obsession like a lead balloon to begin a sweater

Had you asked me that last Monday, I would've been hard pressed to tell you which answer was the least likely. As I've discovered in the intervening week, the answer is definitely not 3.

Gigi, the flowy, trendy little sweater off the latest Knitty has become my newest obsession, and I've tossed aside all thoughts of socks. Maybe the fact that the pattern is knit in sock yarn can help explain the rapid transition. Whatever the cause, I'm speeding through the back.

I really like the color--Vine Green. As discussed by Sarah of Blue Garter, some sock yarns come in the most distressing color combos. Several shades of Panda Wool fall into the distressing category (I share EZ's distaste for pastels), but luckily, they also have some colors for those of us who want a sweater knit in sock-weight yarn and also insist that 90% of our wardrobe be able to blend into a forest (I am getting past that phase a little bit, but not totally).

The texture of the yarn is also very nice: soft and bamboo-y with just enough wool to keep it from looking like a loofa, as shown in the picture below.

So was this excellent yarn just hiding about the house? Ah. No. I bought it, all seven skeins. This wasn't just a it-came-over-me-of-a-sudden purchase, either. I special-ordered it.

This flies in the face of all rules of destashing. Blatantly. But so far, I have no reason for remorse. I was way burnt out on knitting with tidbits. I wanted a Gigi. And in spite of the fact that it's knit at 25 sts over 4 inches, sleeves worked in with the body, I'm enjoying myself immensely.

What more can I say?


melissa said...

it's a beautiful pattern and a lovely color...should make for a nice, wearable garment that's worth taking a little detour from socks.

Wendolene said...

Thanks! I'm planning on wearing it to ward off those A/C drafts at school (and then tossing it in my bag to avoid broiling outside!)