Friday, January 2, 2009

This is the New Year

Gotta love Death Cab.

(Advance apology: all these photos are terribly lit. The fixture on my overhead died.)

To start the new year afresh, we packed away our Christmas decorations, y las hermanitas y yo cleared the deadwood off our bookshelves:

Alack, we are still double-stacking. I managed to fit my entire college education into one drawer of my filing cabinet (good thing or bad thing?)...

And I organized my stash, returning to whence they came the UFOs that I knew I would never finish. Now all my sock yarn is together,

all my yarn of unknown fiber content but definite Latin American origin is together,

and all my wools/wool blends are together, sorted by color family (red, for example).

I'm very against storage in plastic bags on principle, but in practice, I know I'm a messy knitter who has a tendency to chuck stuff into the stash willy nilly. The bags save me the hassle of having to fish through the entire stash to get what I want, and also reduce the chances of balls getting unwound and tangling. Any ideas for more sustainable storage?

Now: in with the new!


Lise said...

I keep my yarn in closed plastic bags. The main reason is that this will keep moths away.

Wendolene said...

Moths--yikes! I would hate to have an infestation... Do you use mothballs or sachets, or are sealed bags enough?

Lise said...

Luckily I've never had 'an accident' with moths but I've heard about people who have. It sure doesn't sound fun! I use sealed bags and hope it's enough :)