Thursday, March 5, 2009

Not Smiling

I've gotten myself into a funk. Above is my thumb, unhappily bandaged. I went to open the window on the bus home Tuesday and it came down faster than I expected (little neumatic hinges), shoving back my nail. There was blood.

This little incident is tied into my being in a funk, in several ways.

--That's my left thumb, and I'm a lefty

--I am less coordinated with my right hand than previously thought

--The whole reason I was opening the bus window was because spring has arrived. Curse ye heavens.

--With spring comes Hermanita's birthday. This is what I'm making her, and right about now, I want to throw it at the wall. Hard. (Nothing personal, Hermanita) I'm in dire need of a project that does *not* need to come out a specific size or be finished by a specific date

Some days there's nothing to be done but play "Imitation of Life" at the highest volume possible.

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