Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 2: Organized

Every semester, during the first few weeks, I reacquaint myself with my Method of Organization. I don't know how well they fit with the dictionary definition of organization, but for all its quirkiness, my method gets me through each semester more or less together.

Rule 1: write down due dates the moment you get them. Preferably all in the same place, like a daily planner.

Rule 2: whatever comes out of the backpack absolutely has to go right back in. Less important now that I do much of my work at home, but not negligible.

Would that my knitting was so organized. Monita's Retro Duotone cardigan is off the needles (note the spiffy Kitchener bind-off on the collar), but no buttons. And Hermanita's Warm-Up needs another 7" in the body. Augh. All the shaping for the hips is done, so now it's round after round of stockinette with simple lace panels until I divide for the armholes.

Definitely book knitting. The upside of working in a library is that I can find something I want to read practically every shift... the downside is that several of my coworkers knit, and our knitty conversations are tempting me to work on something more interesting!

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Maud said...

Beautiful picture!