Friday, February 8, 2008

Recent Obsessions

Of the musical variety include:

Mr. Pitiful Monita y yo asistí a un concierto por Matt Costa, opened up by the Delta Spirit, and it was awesome. The only song I knew before the show was Cold December (iTunes free download many many weeks back), which usually reduces one's enjoyment of the music at hand. Not this time. I really loved some of the other songs, but Mr. Pitiful has such cute, catchy piano--and Matt Costa's got it streaming on his site.

Well Thought Out Twinkles Another single. Lined up together, these two make me look like a singles-monger. I don't love it because it's a single--I love it because it's an awesome song.

Canyon Girl Not a single, but lyrically clever. My iPod takes quite a lot of liberties shuffling, but does a good job of bringing up this song con frequencia.

Knitting obsessions? Quant's teeny tiny squares have taken a cut in popularity after I dredged up some gift/stash knitting. Worked in stockinette. Without shaping. With two strands of yarn held together. In my defense, my confidence had taken a severe battering over the week.

Sadly, this is a pictureless post, but I can't justify running around with a camera until I've slogged through Chavin and the Origins of Andean Civilization, a book which would be interesting if I wasn't supposed to be done with it yesterday.

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