Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week 8: Like Frogged Bamboo

A glorious cold snap and the arrival of Socktoberfest inspired me to finally act upon my simmering sock obsession. These two skeins topped my list:

Rio de la Plata Sock Solid in Seaweed

and Panda Wool in Strawberry Pink.

The Panda Wool got precedence because it's destined for giftiness, and I began a pair of Hedera.

Then midterms came along, and my gauge tightened like a hungry boa constrictor. Behold the result:

That's kind of how my brain feels now, after three midterms in two days. I am not overly hopeful about the results, but I don't know that I care. Major case of senior bad attitude, I know, but the sock is back on track now, and that's enough to make me happy.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Week Six: Slipping

While Mayas and King Henry (the fourth, part 1) and article reactions pile up around me, I'm feeling rawther like I'm slipping a bit.

Por ejemplo: It didn't occur to me until after I'd picked up all the stitches for the sleeve of my FBS that I would have to knit it in the round. I suppose I won't mind the seamlessness, but I'm having some gauge issues.

My big accomplishment for the week: data sheets for my very first true research project. This one won't be me putzing around on JSTOR and giving a presentation on half a dozen articles written before I was born: this will be me, collecting data on real nonliving potsherds and hopefully not making a complete fool of myself when I present my findings to my classmates.

Grand excitement.