Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Changing Gears

We in the desert have lucked out with an exceptionally mild spring. Only now is it beginning the transition from gloriously pleasant to hotter than the dickens, which means it's time to transition into a new phase of knitting projects.

My hands were getting sore from all the projects I'd be doing on tiny needles, so I took a break from that branch of crafting and zipped up a recycled materials tote bag.

I am thrilled to death with it--this is exactly how I envisioned it turning out. Big deal, you say, it's just a square of jersey fabric sewn on a bag. Scoff not:the last time I tangled with the Funstyler, it won.

The knit-free day lasted just that long--a day--and then it was back to the needles. I finished up my Pinwheel Shawl, and am similarly pleased with the result:

The pattern is incredibly simple, and as promised in Knitalong, shows off fancy yarns to great advantage. The two I used were Malabrigo (left over from Hermanita's Firebird) and Parisienne (purchased during my post-semester meltdown). For being so little, it's incredibly warm, and will serve me well during the months of freezing A/C.

Now I'm ready for something on bigger needles, with bigger yarn, so the Top-Down Shoulder Warmer may finally get its turn!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leaf Cardigan Reveal

Here it is, at long last. It's been over a month since Hermanita's birthday, but first she had to block it, then I needed to remember to ask her to model when there was still some light left.

Pattern: Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties, by Stephanie Japel (32" size)
Yarn: Cascade Dolce in Lavender Pearl (938?), not quite 6 skeins

This was a very nice pattern--simple and straightforward. Because I had to knit away from prying eyes, this got to be a bit boring, but it would be a great project for knit nights/TV knitting. To make things even simpler, I did the sleeves in the round. My row gauge changed slightly, but this didn't matter because the sleeves only need to be a certain length, not a certain number of rows.

As to the color: generally I eschew pastels (repressed memories c. 1990) in favor of earthy or bold colors. But see how the walls are almost exactly the same color as the sweater? That's Hermanita's room. Need I say more?

Next up, some current knits as they relate to that omnipresent force, my Stash.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

With love from the stuffies, all finished. Ok--all finished as of 8 this morning, when I did eyes for the Mousie on the left.

Loch Ness Monster, by hansigurumi
Mousie, by Ysolda Teague
Nessie used some discontinued acrylics from the depths of my stash, and Mousie is Crystal Palace Panda Wool leftover from Mum's Christmas socks and a modicum of my endless stash of Dalegarn.

Both are fabulous patterns, and happily received. We always got little stuffed creatures in our baskets when we were little, and there are just too many adorable stuffie patterns out there *not* to continue the tradition.

Here's hoping everyone's having a restful Sunday, complete with jellybeans and knitting!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Guess What's Here

My O-Wool.

I had ordered it several weeks ago, back when I was searching for the project. The weather was changing, and I hit upon the plan of making myself Laura's Top-Down Shoulder Warmer (apologies for the Ravelers-only link; this pattern has disappeared off her blog's shop). I was utterly enthused at the idea of having something light to keep me warm in the deep freeze that is my workplace in summer. Then I learned that my LYS (good on stocking standards, bad on color) had to special order the gray, and my excitement was shot down like the Flying Ace over enemy territory. On to socks!

Well, now it's here, I'm up to my ears in churning out little giftlets, and a shrug couldn't be farther from my mind. Doesn't it so figure?

Monday, April 6, 2009


I hate falling behind on blogging. I always feel like then I have to write something sparkling with interest to make up. Unfortunately, nothing that happened over the past three weeks strikes me as sparkling. The closest I can get is offering photos labeled in exclamations points.

The Palo Verdes bloomed!

My Pinwheel Blanket, aka the Fireball Shawl, is speeding along!

I should be committed to Easter giftlets! That's the latest in the long list of distractions-that-have-been-keeping-me-from-blogging. I thought that I'd whip out a few little stashbusters to tuck among the paper grass and jellybeans, something quick and fun. Ha. I've Ravelled giftlet the first, but not giftlet the second because giftlet the second is two partial skeins in the depths of my stash. Giftlet the first is a monster in more ways than one, a little monster that has sucked up hours of my knitting time over the past two days. Today alone I have worked on it for over two hours, and my progress can be measured in under an inch.

Don't get me wrong--the pattern is great, and it will look cute as a button tucked among brightly wrapped candies. But ye gods, this project epitomizes the warning: little ≠ quick to knit!